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Outsource technical cofounder

OBS Studio home setup

Fedora Workstation on Amazon EC2

Darktable image processing workflow

Amazon Free Tier SSH etc.

Transformative Virtual Assistant Development

Customer Discovery: Interviews

Stage Seven: Test assumptions, gather data, gain insight, repeat

Stage Six: Customer discovery and product market fit

Stage Five: Customer Segments

Integrate Task Warrior into daily workflow user interface modifications

Music for working

Stage Four: Value Propositions

Learning line drawing for the business model canvas

Stage Three: Meta-Business Model Canvas.

Stage Two: What used to be done, what we now know.

What are the tactics to learn this material?

Notes on transformational learning

Innosetup and manifest files for HiDPI displays

LibUsb backends using pyinstaller and appveyor

SVG icons in PySide on Windows 7

GTX 960 with Fedora Core 24

Pyinstaller and filenames requiring .py extensions, on appveyor

Long term testing of windows software in virtualbox

Gource visualizations of source code repositories

Signing Drivers - Windows 10 and Cypress FX2/FX3 USB

Work log - Recording of software work at Wasatch Photonics

MicroAngio - Demonstration interface for the MicroAngio UX project.

BoardTester - collect data with automated hardware power cycling

PySideApp - Minimal application demonstrating core features for deployable applications

CookBook - Web application to display Wasatch Photonics device information and calibration reports.

WasatchUSB - bare bones USB communication with wasatch devices

FastPM100 - High speed acquisition and visualization of ThorLabs PM100 power meter readings

Phidgeter - logging and convenience functions for Phidgets

i3locksvg - branded unlock screens on linux

WasatchCameraLink - Bare bones communication with DALSA sapera

bluegraph - high speed graphing and logging with guiqwt and zmq. SVG blueness in pyqt

LineGrab - Visualize single lines of data from a variety of cameras.

Barbecue line scan camera tester

LuminanceLabel - Animated overlay and on-screen luminance measurements

PDFExploder - Web service to create thumbnail views of PDF documents

QR Sticker Code generator for QL-700

Calibration Report Generator

AnalyzeIQ with Wasatch Photonics

Adapteva Parallella Screener (The Foreman)

Stay humble, or get humbled.

Vector Space Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Data Search

The Bubbler has been re-created!

Beyond Field-of-View Tracked Object Positional Indicators

Automatic announcer voice removal from a sporting event

Visualization interface of continuous waveform multi-speaker identification

Reducing multipath signal degradation effects in a wireless transmission system

Upper troposphere and lower stratosphere wind direction, speed and turbidity monitoring using digital imaging and motion tracking

Hybrid ultrasonic and radio frequency identification system and method

Autonomously Configuring Information Systems to Support

Automatically generating precipitation proximity notifications

Method and system for vehicle mounted infrared wavelength information displays for traffic camera viewers

Protecting electronic devices from percussive impacts

Method and system for improving driver safety and situational awareness

Automotive collision detection through passive radio analysis

IBM History

Patents at IBM

Social-networking open source visualization aids

How to ungrab Firefox hotkeys from Flash players

Expand your user-authentication options with mouse dynamics

Reduce your PC's power consumption through smart activity monitors

Shut down idle computers on your network automatically

Rotate images in online mapping applications in Firefox

Create a continuous keystroke-dynamics monitor with Perl and xev

Creating altitude attribute-enhanced image overlay maps in Google Earth

Improve focus tracking indicators across multiple monitors

Create time-availability maps with Perl and Google Earth

Beef up the Find command in Firefox

Integrate encryption into Google Calendar with Firefox extensions

Visualizing time-dependent data with distortion portals

Add multitouch gesture support to a TouchPad-equipped laptop.

Identify speakers with sndpeek

Identify and verify users based on how they type

ThinkPad aerobics: Rotate and shake your laptop to control applications.

Take your ThinkPad out for a walk to create wireless site surveys.

Expand your text entry options with keystroke dynamics

Create automated verbal conversation annotations

Search structured LDAP data with a vector-space engine.

Make your 404 pages smarter with metaphone matching.

Map people, places and relationships inside a building.

Precipitation proximity alerts using WSR-88D radar data.

Explore relationships among web pages visually

Create custom data charting tools using Perl and GD

Custom cartographics with CAIDA's plot-latlong

User Perl and a regular-expression generation to search and display LDAP data (part 2)

User Perl and a regular-expression generation to search and display LDAP data (part 1)

Create fancy on-screen displays with Ghosd and Perl

Make incoming e-mail play custom tunes

Control your computer with tones and patterns

Monitor your computing environment with machine generated music

Frustration communication for your linux laptop

Create mosaic movies with Perl, ImageMagick and MPlayer

Knock based commands for linux laptops

Distributed multihead support with Linux and Xdmx

Create Mosaic images with Perl and ImageMagick

Real time visual effects