Wasatch Photonics uses Adapteva Parallella SKU P1601-DK03's as an embedded linux system. Core capabilities required include a USB bus that is available at least 83% of the time on boot up. A screener was created to allow us to find the incoming Parallella boards that meet this level of usb availability. This setup consists of 4 Parallella DC adapters connected to a Phidgets software controlled relay. This relay turns on the devices for 35 seconds, issues a 'lsusb' command on each device, and stores the status of the usb availability. The device is then turned off for 75 seconds, then the process is repeated.

Available on GitHub

The forum post is really a great reminder of what not to do when documenting a problem: USB Issues You can't just present the data and expect any change. Remember that just because the data is there doesn't mean people will actually read the post, or make any changes.

Use this tool to summarize the data into readable graphs: