There is deep value in hand drawing iconagraphy to provide the text and visualization communication method. The icons provided by strategyzer and others seem ill-suited for hand re-creation by developing artists.

You don't need a set of sophisticated imagery and a skilled hand at communicating any and all concepts. You do need to have just the iconagraphy practiced for the components of the business model canvas so you can demonstrate the value of imagery. Spend time praticing outline drawn versions of the iconagraphy from the strategyzer business model canvas.

Why is this required? Because the strategyzer Key Activities icon is:

Key Activities Icon

And that shading in of the negative image around the check mark takes a long time and unusual skill to hand draw. An easier image to draw in the real life context of people waiting and watching is the simple check mark underneath.

See the image below for the full outline imagery to practice:

Key Activities

And here is a link for the vertically listed business model canvas components with space to practice the line drawings. Print this out from firefox BMC Vertical for line art

When practicing, follow the core concepts from the creativebloq guide that immediately improve the quality and repeatability of the line drawings:

Draw with the arm, not with the fingers. Position the utensil like writing, but move the arm, don't articulate the joints of the phalanges. Pull the utensil.

Pre-visualize: pinpoint your start point, imagine the end point. Pull your mark along the imagined path removing the pencil once it reaches the end point.

All that seems needed for this juncture is a basic level of skill and knowledge of what to draw. Don't try and make it up during the BMC generation, know ahead of time a series of line drawings that you have practiced. Use variations on what you know and have practiced for line drawing iconagraphy. The point is to visually communicate as it is more efficient at conveying the ideas. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be a good enough reproduction to facilitate understanding instead of causing people to ask "What is that supposed to be?".