user interface modifications

Configure to match the goals of the business model canvas.

The tools provided by are excellent. Based on earlier research, the following goals emerged:

  1. Fully digital business model canvas that uses the BMC correctly.
  2. Includes imagery + text in each sticky
  3. Business model canvas components with the …

Learning line drawing for the business model canvas

There is deep value in hand drawing iconagraphy to provide the text and visualization communication method. The icons provided by strategyzer and others seem ill-suited for hand re-creation by developing artists.

You don't need a set of sophisticated imagery and a skilled hand at communicating any and all concepts. You …

What are the tactics to learn this material?

What are your tactics used to achieve this?

Perform the research, incorporation, execution cycle for each stage.


    Stay focused on the strategies from the known effective materials.
    Read them backwards and forwards, and at different times of day. 


    Part 1: 
        Write card stack for the subject.
        Memorize the …