Seventh Stage: Test assumptions, gather data, gain insight, repeat

Research of known effective materials:

Lean startup by Eric Ries

Udacity course:

How to Build a Startup, Lesson 4: Business Models and Customer Development Sections 5

Strategyzer: Testing your business model

Strategyzer: The testing card

Strategyzer: The learning card

Strategyzer: The Progress Board

Strategyzer: Value Proposition Design book Preview Pages: 43-48


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How do you make implicit assumptions explicit?
Get out of the building, gain insights, then change the canvas.

Extract hypothesis from your assumptions
Prioritze Hypothesis
Design Tests
Prioritize Tests
Run Tests

Turn hypothesis into experiments
Generate tests for jobs, pains and gains with 'mad libs':

Testing card:
We believe that:
To verify that, we will:
And measure:
We are right if:
(Test jobs, pains, gains and value propositions)

Gather data
How to actually talk with potential customers and surface insight about
their needs and motivations.

The tactics of communicating with customers to validate and invalidate

Gain insight
Map the customer segment personas.
Develop a problem recognition matrix.
Begin to recognize patterns that emerge during the discovery process.

Learning card:
We believed that:
We observed:
From that we learned that:
Therefore, we will:

Based on what you've learned, iterate or pivot, then make new assumptions, re-run the cycle

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