Learning line drawing for the business model canvas

There is deep value in hand drawing iconagraphy to provide the text and visualization communication method. The icons provided by strategyzer and others seem ill-suited for hand re-creation by developing artists.

You don't need a set of sophisticated imagery and a skilled hand at communicating any and all concepts. You …

What are the tactics to learn this material?

What are your tactics used to achieve this?

Perform the research, incorporation, execution cycle for each stage.


    Stay focused on the strategies from the known effective materials.
    Read them backwards and forwards, and at different times of day. 


    Part 1: 
        Write card stack for the subject.
        Memorize the …

Notes on transformational learning

Page 1 of 1 card deck:

The search for software value propositions customers can't resist,
embedded in profitable and scalable business models.

How are we going to do that? The business model canvas.

What will be the result?
A new idea shaped by the business model canvas that is profitable …

Innosetup and manifest files for HiDPI displays

Use PySide 1.2 and Python 2.7. Deploy to various HiDPI displays for testing.

You may see text that is either clipped, too large, or too small. Everything looks fine on Linux, but on Windows with the default scaling for HiDPI displays (125%), it can look like this:

Fat font issue

You'll …

LibUsb backends using pyinstaller and appveyor

With a development machine all set up for communicating in python with pyusb and libusb on Windows 10. The signed drivers are available, the device is communicating on the build machine. Building the installer on the development machine also is successful. Redistributing the installer built on the development machine delivers …

SVG icons in PySide on Windows 7

Your application icons look great. They are saved in .svg format, loaded into Qt Designer, and distributed with pyinstaller as resource files.

Except on windows 7.

No error messages, no crashes, no information on why the icons are missing.

The issue is the included qsvg4.dll distributed with the application …

Pyinstaller and filenames requiring .py extensions, on appveyor

With a code base that builds with pyinstaller on a Windows 10 Home system, and on appveyor. For example:

Dash 75dd852554

Run a pyinstaller script like:

    --icon dash/assets/uic_qrc/images/DashIcon.ico 
    --specpath scripts 

On Windows 10 …