LineGrab - Visualize single lines of data from a variety of cameras.

Manufacturing and alignment of spectrometers requires line scan visualization of camera output. Many vendors provide bare-bones or non existent line graphs. LineGrab uses a variety of communication techniques to provide full-screen line graph visualizations. These are critical for the precise alignment of spectrometers. See the WasatchCameraLink repository for a list ...

LuminanceLabel - Animated overlay and on-screen luminance measurements

Demonstration video on youtube

Uses PyQt to place a transparent overlay on the screen, takes a screenshot and processes the area underneath the overlay designator. Luminance values are computed and displayed on the label, and written to stdout.

This is used for evaluting the displayed imagery at multiple frames per ...

Calibration Report Generator

Web service to create calibration reports for wasatch photonics spectrometers. Use a responsive web form to accept a serial number, calibration coefficients and (optional) product imagery. Create a PDF document and graphical thumbnail, store forever.

Live demo available at This is used by the CookBook spectrometer tracking system ...

AnalyzeIQ with Wasatch Photonics

A custom interface for AnalyzeIQ Lab that will collect data from Wasatch Photonics devices. Analyze IQ is a third party chemometrics solution that can also be used on Ventana devices from Ocean Optics

Acquires data from Wasatch Photonics spectrometers, write out in xml format for use in AnalyzeIQ. This uses ...

The Bubbler has been re-created!

The Bubbler has been re-created. Thank you Ryan and Allison for making it memorable.

The original bubbler was based on os-viseffects.

Game design:
Get the highest score possible in the time allotted. Every gameplay decision
is based on the idea that most kids enjoying gaming the system as much as ...