The Bubbler has been re-created!

The Bubbler has been re-created. Thank you Ryan and Allison for making it memorable.

The original bubbler was based on os-viseffects.

Game design:
Get the highest score possible in the time allotted. Every gameplay decision
is based on the idea that most kids enjoying gaming the system as much as …

IBM History

Highlights from 8 years at IBM:
  • 35 articles demonstrating new technologies
  • 13 patents from RFID to cloud management
  • 14 IBM Thanks peer recognition awards
  • IBM Thinkplace Innovator Award
  • 38 IBM Bravo/Ovation awards
  • IBM Bravo award for technical achievement
  • 19 Invention achievement awards, 5 patent plateau awards
  • Selection to the …

Social-networking open source visualization aids

Social-networking data analysis can help you understand content, connections, and opportunities for your personal and business associations. This article presents tools and code to extract key components of your social network using the Twitter API to chart, geolocate, and visualize your social-networking data. Local cached text. IBM developerWorks Podcast with …

How to ungrab Firefox hotkeys from Flash players

Flash players and other embedded applications in Firefox require their own hooks for keyboard and mouse input. For years, Flash has grabbed Firefox keypresses, which stops people from using the keybo ard for navigation, creating new tabs, or even exiting the Flash focus. Learn how to creat e a Perl …

Expand your user-authentication options with mouse dynamics

Use Perl, cnee, and custom algorithms to measure how specific users move the mouse and click buttons. In this article, we discuss how mouse-click hold times, or a combination of keyboard and mouse activity can enable new levels of access-requirements obfuscation. Learn how to apply the open source tools cnee …

Reduce your PC's power consumption through smart activity monitors

Monitor application usage, system attributes, and user activity to more effectively use the power-management systems of your laptop or desktop computer. This article provides tools and code to build on existing power-saving measures by monitoring your application-usage patterns. Use the techniques presented here to change your power settings based on …

Shut down idle computers on your network automatically

Recent pushes for "green" technology focus mostly on talk, with little action for the typical home- or small-office environment. Many users leave their systems online continuously through laziness or ignorance, resulting in a significant source of power consumption, as well as an additional vector for malware propagation. The tools and …

Rotate images in online mapping applications in Firefox

Most online mapping applications assume that the desired view is always north at the top of the image. This article presents tools and code that show how to replace the map image with an inverted copy, where south is at the top. Using a Firefox extension and the Imager Perl …

Create a continuous keystroke-dynamics monitor with Perl and xev

Keystroke dynamics is a relatively new field that enables identification of individuals through statistical analysis of their typing patterns. Previously published articles on developerWorks have shown how to integrate the concept of keystroke dynamics into your applications, as well as a real-world example of modifying Gnome Display Manager (GDM) to …