Calibration Report Generator

Web service to create calibration reports for wasatch photonics spectrometers. Use a responsive web form to accept a serial number, calibration coefficients and (optional) product imagery. Create a PDF document and graphical thumbnail, store forever.

Live demo available at This is used by the CookBook spectrometer tracking system …

AnalyzeIQ with Wasatch Photonics

A custom interface for AnalyzeIQ Lab that will collect data from Wasatch Photonics devices. Analyze IQ is a third party chemometrics solution that can also be used on Ventana devices from Ocean Optics

Acquires data from Wasatch Photonics spectrometers, write out in xml format for use in AnalyzeIQ. This uses …

Stay humble, or get humbled.

Stay humble, or get humbled. - Jocko Willink

You can't find a job. You've done all the postings, You've done all the resume cleaning. You've applied for dozens of what you thought were good fits. You had a seriously disappointing number of interviews. You've done it for months straight, 8 hours …

The Bubbler has been re-created!

The Bubbler has been re-created. Thank you Ryan and Allison for making it memorable.

The original bubbler was based on os-viseffects.

Game design:
Get the highest score possible in the time allotted. Every gameplay decision
is based on the idea that most kids enjoying gaming the system as much as …

IBM History

Highlights from 8 years at IBM:
  • 35 articles demonstrating new technologies
  • 13 patents from RFID to cloud management
  • 14 IBM Thanks peer recognition awards
  • IBM Thinkplace Innovator Award
  • 38 IBM Bravo/Ovation awards
  • IBM Bravo award for technical achievement
  • 19 Invention achievement awards, 5 patent plateau awards
  • Selection to the …

Social-networking open source visualization aids

Social-networking data analysis can help you understand content, connections, and opportunities for your personal and business associations. This article presents tools and code to extract key components of your social network using the Twitter API to chart, geolocate, and visualize your social-networking data. Local cached text. IBM developerWorks Podcast with …