Amazon Free Tier SSH etc.

Free Tier amazon instances are a game changer. Here's how to set the windows micro instances to function as an ssh server for easier transfer of files.

Tested using: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Base - ami-fe446c9b t2-micro

Fedora Core 26 client (rdesktop)

Using the Amazon EC2 web interface:

Create a key-pair …

Transformative Virtual Assistant Development

Read this from top to bottom to find a path to success built on a pillar of failure.

You are busy. You are valuable to the organization. There are things that you are uniquely good at. This process will help you focus on those things. Invest in freeing your time …

Integrate Task Warrior into daily workflow

The main problem is using google calendar and email as a task management system.


  1. Clear priorities

  2. Un-encumbering task list

  3. Zero data loss of written tasks.

  4. Single place where all tasks are stored

  5. Calendar is for scheduling events only.

  6. Email is for communication only

Given this example email processing workflow … user interface modifications

Configure to match the goals of the business model canvas.

The tools provided by are excellent. Based on earlier research, the following goals emerged:

  1. Fully digital business model canvas that uses the BMC correctly.
  2. Includes imagery + text in each sticky
  3. Business model canvas components with the …

Music for working

Goals: Control the external sensory environment.


Bose QuietControl 30

Bose QuietComfort 30 (pre-google assistant version)

Yes, both at the same time. Put the earbuds in, turn up noise cancellation all the way. Play the music through this set. Turn on the over ears, ensure the noise cancellation is on …